News Media

The Libraries provide access to a range of news sources.


Nelson Public Library receives the following newspapers at the Elma Turner Library. Stoke library receives the Nelson Mail, Dominion Post, Press and Buy, Sell, Swap;  Tahunanui Library receives the Nelson Mail only

Newspaper Received Held
The Dominion Post Same day 2
Motueka-Golden Bay News Following week 52
Guardian Weekly Following week 2
Greymouth Evening Star 1/2 days later 2
The Leader Same day all
Marlborough Express Following day 2
National Business Review (Friday edition only) Same day 52
The Nelson Mail Same day until microfilm received
New Zealand Herald 2 days later 2
The News (Westport) Following day 2
Older & Bolder monthly 4
Otago Daily Times 2 days later 2
The Press Same day 2
Sunday Star Times Sunday 2
Waimea Weekly Following week all

Archival - local papers

The Library holds the following local papers


  • Nelson Examiner 1842-1874
  • The Nelson Mail 1866 to the present (microfilming in progress)
  • The Colonist 1857-1920
  • The Motueka Star 1931 - 1939 (incomplete)


The Library does not index these papers. An index is available at the Nelson Provincial Museum research facility for the Nelson Mail.

  • The Nelson Mail From date of latest microfilm received.
  • The Community Leader 1991 - 1993
  • G.B. Weekly (Golden Bay) 1993-
  • The Haven Nos 1 - 65
  • The Leader 1993 -
  • Live Nelson 1999 -
  • Waimea Weekly 2006 -
  • Motueka-Golden Bay News - Latest year (Nelson Provincial Museum holds archive)
  • The Guardian (Tasman) - held Nelson Provincial Museum


For a full list of online newspapers and newspaper archives, see our news media online page.

The Australia/ New Zealand Reference Centre database includes most NZ newspaper articles from approx 1996, including:

  • The Nelson Mail From June, 1997
  • Dominion Post From January, 1995
  • New Zealand Herald From December, 2001
  • The Press From June, 1996

Papers Past (National Library resource) provides searchable access to early NZ newspapers, including the following local and regional papers.