Top 10

Here are our top 10 most popular titles from June 2017.


Child, Lee Make me
Child, Lee
girl on the train
Hawkins, Paula
no middle name
Child, Lee
the crossing Connelly, Michael The crossing
mightier than the sword
Archer, Jeffrey
Child, Lee
Connelly, Michael
Hawkins, Paula
Smith, Wilbur A.


Andreas, Peter
Fort, Tom
Johansen, Signe
Leite, David
McDougall, John A.
Nevins, Sheila
Pierce, Val
Valcorza, Maz
Alexander, Lindsay McFarland
Athill, Diana

Young Adult 

Laird, Elizabeth
Green, John
Hill, David
Stroud, Jonathan
Ahern, Cecelia
Aveyard, Victoria
Bardugo, Leigh
Barnes, Jennifer
Barnes, Jennifer
Beale, Fleur