15 Aug 2016

The Quiet Spectacular by Laurence Fearnley

A character in The Quiet Spectacular declares that the literary establishment considers men to be the north on the compass and “…it’s only by sending the whole compass completely haywire that anyone other than Western men get a look-in.” And the book, if not breaking any literary boundaries, does concentrate solely on female concerns and actions.

25 Jul 2016

Made to Kill by Adam Christopher

A mash-up of sci-fi and noir, Made to Kill is set in a stereotypical US where the Hollywood star system rules, Kennedy is in office, the enemy is ‘the Reds’, guy wear tight white t-shirts and gals hang out in ice cream parlours with soda fountains, and PIs wait in their small offices waiting for the beginning of a plot to walk through the door. And the mash-up? Christopher’s PI Ray Electromatic is a robot…