20 Sep 2016

Red Herring by Jonothan Cullinane

What a cracker! A noir novel set in tea-drenched 1950s New Zealand. With the 1951 waterfront strike as the backdrop, Red Herring sets PI Johnny Molloy on the track of a murky character who has supposedly drowned in the Gulf of Alaska but who has turned up in a photo taken in New Zealand alongside the organisers of the strike.

30 Aug 2016

Dad Art by Damien Wilkins

I have been reading a lot about narrative arc lately – and against the tide of my reading have been picking up novels that don’t really have one. Dad Art is such a novel, it follows Wellington based sound engineer Michael from when he is undergoing a minor procedure to remove a suspected carcinoma on his chest, through to his reminiscing about recent events and moving into his next set of circumstances.