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21 Jun 2016

On Such a Full Sea by Change Rae-Lee

The title, On such a full sea, comes from Shakespeare’s “There is a tide in the affairs of men” speech from Julius Caesar. And this book, set in a dystopian future with the usual divide between the haves, the sort of haves and the definitely have-nots, is told as in the swellings and abating of societal trends and passions.

14 Jun 2016

Absence by Joanna King

Sometimes you pick a novel up at just the right time – after a string of adrenalin reads and rich historical dramas I was in the right mood for Joanna King’s debut novel; an introspective piece about what it is that influences our relationships, our reactions to other people and our views on gender politics.

9 Jun 2016

The Yid by Paul Goldberg

1953 – and Stalin is preparing the Soviet Union for a ‘final solution’ for Soviet Jews – lists are being drawn up, freight trains being gathered, citizens being programmed for a pogrom.  State Security arrive at the apartment of Solomon Shimonovich Levinson – just a routine pickup for yet another person bound for Lubyanka, but …