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31 Jan 2017

Strip by Sue Wootton

I picked this novel up, saw the cover and glimpsed at the blurb, and started to read what I thought would be a humorous story of a man who decides to try a second career as a comic strip writer – it isn’t. As I started to read I then thought it was an exploration of intra-family relationships – it’s not really that either. Strip is an exploration of love and loyalty, and of quite frankly a lot of bad decision making on the way to trying to manipulate the world to make it ideal for those you love.

12 Jan 2017

The Dry by Jane Harper

I don’t read many books that fall under the umbrella of mystery/ thriller, but when I do I usually find that it’s accidental – I’ve picked up a book and it’s sucked me into the story and now I can’t put it down.