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26 Jul 2017

The Force by Don Winslow

Denny Malone is the King of Manhattan North, part of an elite squad formed to deal with illegal drugs and guns coming to the gangs through the ‘iron pipeline’. He loves his job and loves his city and always does ‘the right thing’. Dennis Malone is also a corrupt drug slinger, thinking at least the money is being used for good, and that at least the drugs are being kept off his turf.

17 Jul 2017

Lifting by Damien Wilkins

Lifting is inconclusive and ambiguous, even the title can refer to petty crime or to triumphant moments, it harkens to a time of clarity and certainty that probably never existed on an individual level, not even in youth, and definitely not in any previous era. It is a lovely read about passing of time and how every now and again that passage leaves you unmoored for a while.

8 Jun 2017

Marlborough Man by Alan Carter

What makes a great thriller great is nerve-wracking plotting, rich atmospheric settings, and complex characters – Marlborough Man has the lot – and it treats the ‘Top of the South’ as Paul Cleave has been treating Christchurch for years – describing a heightened scuzzy substrate that tourists, and most residents, will never glimpse: “In rural New Zealand, calling police out at the sound of shots fired is like calling them out for the sound of cows mooing”.

7 Feb 2017

A Moment’s Silence by Christopher Abbey

Martyn Percival is on a belated OE – in his early fifties he has successfully salvaged a career post redundancy, but wasn’t able to salvage his marriage once his wife of over thirty years was determined to leave. He was starting to settle into a new lifestyle in Khandallah, with just his daughter’s cat for company. But when he experienced a fellow club member being farewelled with just ‘a moment’s silence’ he considers his life and decides to visit the UK and Europe in search of adventure.