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14 Jun 2018

Endangered by Eliot Schrefer

Endangered is a Young Adult novel: Sophie, 14, splits her time between the United States, where she lives with her father, and the Democratic Republic of Congo where she visits her Mother in the holidays. Her mother runs a Bonobo sanctuary out of Kinshasa. Sophie is pretty savvy about the dangers and corruption in the Congo, but that doesn’t stop her paying a trafficker for an infant Bonobo on the way from the airport to her mother’s sanctuary, a Bonobo she names Otto.

11 Jun 2018

The New Animals by Pip Adam

“All this sweet hope lost. Lost to time, to dust, to heat. Like the dinosaurs’ hopes, like the fish that left the sea, like the fish that stayed in the sea knew they wouldn’t see one another again” – but can hope be regained? Is there somewhere we can start again?

7 Jun 2018

Sodden Downstream by Branavan Gnanalingam

Sita is on a zero-hours cleaning contract and is the only wage earner in her family. Her husband, Thiru, is currently only able to contribute a Work and Income benefit, and her son, Satish, is still at school. So, when her boss demands she turn up for work in Wellington, despite a cyclone, road closures and no public transport, she leaves Naenae and heads South.

29 May 2018

All This by Chance by Vincent O'Sullivan

All this by chance is a beautiful, beautiful book about memory and identity. One of the characters muses at one point on how much of us is us, and how much is made up from the photos and paintings and books we surround ourselves with: “The before people” - “No one ever quite works out the mix”.