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16 Feb 2017

Admiral by Sean Danker


Four people awake from cryogenic sleep on a dead ship far from civilisation. Three cadets fresh from the Imperial Academy, shipping to their first placement on the Empress’ new flagship, and a mysterious Admiral who doesn’t act or look like he has achieved that rank. The cadets are rightfully suspicious.

admiral cover

Could their fellow passenger be a spy for the Evagardian Empire’s recently defeated arch-nemesis, the Ganrean Commonwealth? Is he orchestrating their demise from the inside? But the cadets have a bigger problem, their own survival, as their air is running out, they have no communications, and something has caused massive hull damage to the ship, brutally killing the Captain and pilot. Multiple mysteries unravel at pace through this brilliant read, a mix of The Martian, Alien and Jason Bourne, full of political intrigue, dashes of horror and a brilliant, unexpectedly rollicking finale. I stayed up until the wee hours and read this in one hit, it is that enjoyable.