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Set in 1791, Into the World follows a young man on a rescue voyage into the Great Southern Ocean – but the young man is actually a woman fleeing political turmoil in France, where she has had to abandon her son.  This debut novel is receiving great reviews and is a great adventurous read.

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The latest in the Hogarth Shakespeare series. Macbeth set in the early 1970s - Nesbo "offers a dark but ultimately hopeful Macbeth, one suited to our own troubled times" - New York Times

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The 10th Ruth Galloway outing "cleverly weaves several mysteries into the continuing story of the leading couple and their circle of friends" -- Kirkus Reviews

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An aircraft is on its way to San Fransisco, and no one on board knows there's someone on the flight planning something terrible!  A thriller from Danielle Steel.

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For those who like Vikings - and those that like crime - here's a Viking crime novel set in 970 - getting good reviews!

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In this sequel to East End Angels, Frankie, Bella and Winnie are settled into life as ambulance crew members at LAAS Station Seventy-Five.

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Cynthia takes off with her dog, her beautiful yoga instructor and her Dad’s money. What could go wrong?  Shortlisted for this year's Ockhams.

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The latest installment of the extremely popular Maisie Dobbs series.  Maisie investigates the disappearance of a young apprentice working on a hush-hush government contract.

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"A labyrinthine tale of tangled identities, and every twist of the plot exposes more ghosts from the past preying on the present.  A Gothic thriller deliciously riddled with dark motives and shadowy paths" - Kirkus reviews.

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"Resurrecting the gabby hounds, foxes, horses, owls, pussycats, and humans of Charlottesville, Virginia ... Just right, as usual, for readers who like this sort of thing" -- Kirkus Reviews.


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Tara Button's mission is to make us think carefully about what we spend our money on and to focus on good quality items whether it be cookware, clothing or furniture. Poor quality items have short lifespans meaning we must shop frequently to replace them . Button advocates investing in only quality items that endure and can last a lifetime eg. shoes can be reheeled, resoled and mended. Key for Button is changing from 'what I want now' to 'what I want for ever' to create a sustainable lifestyle that is kinder to the environment. She launched the Buymeonce website in 2015 as a supermarket for brands built to last and it covers nearly every lifestyle product you can imagine.

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An A-Z list of flours showing the plants each is sourced from, the gluten/protein content, flavour profile and how best to use. The flours range from cassava and quinoa to cricket flour and coffee flour all with accompanying recipes. and beautiful photographs.

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The DK Eyewitness Travel series is known for its beautifully designed and illustrated reference books. This guide has numerous floorplans, illustrations and photographs of places to visit with maps and chapters covering the history and architecture of this ancient Polish city.

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A collective biography of four women who influenced and transformed values and priorities during the 1950s. They were 'accidental revolutionaries' all working in different fields but have had a huge impact - Rachel Carson, the author of Silent Spring, began the environmental movement, Jane Jacobs fought for livable cities, Jane Goodall introduced the scientific community to little known aspects of primate behaviour, and Alice Waters altered American eating and created the farm to table movement.

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An award-winning science writer, Thomson spent years travelling the world finding people who had rare brain disorders. This book tells the stories of nine of them. One believes he's dead, one believes he's a tiger, another sees coloured auras around everyone he meets, another exists in a state of being lost and so on. Some have seen the world like this since birth and for others it has occurred at a later date. A compassionate glimpse into how others and indeed all of us  perceive the world differently from each other.

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The author states that she is between 80 and 100 and is in the process of dostadning or decluttering so after she's gone her family won't be left with piles of stuff they don't want. She suggests starting with clothes that don't fit or are never worn, the bookcase and work from large items to small but not to start with photos or sentimental items as you will get stuck.  Gently encouraging and practical.

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The author spent 11 months cycling from London to Hong Kong and covered 26 countries and 13, 670 miles.He uses this experience to write this practical guide which is divided into 5 environments - forest, desert, mountain, tropical and urban. Presented in a travel-friendly format with inspiring photography this will appeal to every bike adventurer.

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Kumar dedicated a year to exploring spiritual practices around the world with a desire to 'believe in something bigger than myself'. She travelled to Peru, Brazil, India, Mexico and Japan and visited various groups in her own country, the United States.The experience didn't change her life but she came to understand that any form of spirituality lay in the 'magic' of ritual, belief and hope it offered people. A thought-provoking memoir.

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The German bombing raids of 1917 in WWI prompted the British to develop an independent air force despite many objections from the army and navy forces. This is a pocket history of the founding of the the Royal Air Force in 1918 and its fate after the armistice. It was published to mark the centenary of its founding.

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An irreverent guide to the birth and development of the theory of plate tectonics . It explains how modern plate tectonics account for great earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions and controls conditions on the Earth's surface. Aimed at non scientists but it would be valuable for senior science and geography students and undergraduates