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Gabriels Bay

Kerry Macfarlane has run away from his wedding-that-wasn't to Gabriel’s Bay, a small New Zealand coastal town with difficult access, economic problems and a small, varied population.  In Gabriel’s Bay we get to know many of the inhabitants of the town, by reading many of their stories, all beautifully woven together.  A great read that is receiving excellent reviews.

The graves a fine and private place a Flavia de Luce novel

The latest Flavia de Luce murder mystery.  "Despite a climactic attempt on her life, Bradley’s unquenchable heroine brings 'the most complicated case I had ever come across' to a highly satisfying conclusion" - Kirkus Reviews.

Still me

The third Lou Clark novel after Me Before You and After You.  Not receiving the rave reviews of the first two, but many will still want to read more about Lou.  In Still Me she arrives in New York ready to start a new life.

Ill keep you safe

Niamh returns to the Isle of Lewis after witnessing her husband and the woman she suspects him of having a affair with, being killed by a car bomb in Paris. "The uneven plotting would benefit from tightening, but May’s sense of place is as good as it gets" - Kirkus Reviews.

The river maid

Many will be thrilled to see the first in a new series by Dilly Court.  It is 1854 in London, and young Essie lives in poverty with her father, working on the river as a boatman.  But her life is soon to change ...

Believe in me

After the suicide of her husband, Leanne and her teenage daughter move from London back to the farm where she grew up.  Receving good reviews with one review saying it is "A heart-warming, sometimes heart-stopping read."


The third Orphan X novel, and Evan Smoak, raised inside a top secret government programme, is back - "As well-done as the rest of the series and bloody good fun" - Kirkus Reviews.

If I die before I wake

After an accident, Alex is a victim of locked-in syndrome.  He tries to work out what happened to him, and whether he also needs to solve his own murder.  "It’s a clever premise, and though Koch takes her time before really getting to grips with the material, this is a debut to be reckoned with." - Kirkus Reviews.

The cage

Two mysterious strangers appear at a hotel in a small country town.  Unable to speak of their trauma, the townspeople's treatment of the pair slides into appalling cruelty.

The great alone

Cora and her husband Ernt, a recently-returned Vietnam veteran. uproot their thirteen year old daughter to start a new life in Alaska. "She re-creates in magical detail the lives of Alaska's homesteaders ... and is just as specific and authentic in her depiction of the spiritual wounds of post-Vietnam America. A tour de force." - Kirkus Reviews.


Strolling through Florence the definitive walking guide to the Renaissance city


The author Mario Erasmo, a classics Professor at the University of Georgia, has created ten bespoke walking tours - from `Florence in a Day' to `Dante's Florence' - that will appeal to every kind of traveller and unlock the secrets of this remarkable city. Florence is the birthplace of Dante and Boccaccio, Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo, the Medicis, Botticelli, Donatello and the `Mad Monk' Savonarola. Their stories permeate every corner of Florence, but the city's contemporary scene is just as alluring, from cutting edge art and fashion to food.

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Forty years on from the one child policy in China ( recently relaxed), many women have decided to postpone marriage—or not marry at all—to spawn a label: "leftovers." Unprecedentedly well-educated and goal-oriented, they struggle to find partners in a society where gender roles have not evolved as vigorously as society itself, and where new professional opportunities have made women less willing to compromise their careers or concede to marriage for the sake of being wed. The book sets out to show how these women are the linchpin to China's future.

Thrive through yoga a 21 day journey to ease anxiety love your body and feel more alive

The author triumphed over a mental illness with the help of yoga. This is a step by step guide to stress-proofing your life using mind-set exercises, meditations, yoga routines and practical tools to let go of whatever is holding you back from thriving.

 The story of the World Cup the essential companion to Russia 2018

A fully revised and updated history of the most famous football tournament and the most authoritative guide to the World Cup. It has vivid accounts of individual games from the beginnings in 1930 and behind the scenes stories and sketches of managers and players. Written for football fans and novices alike

 Yorkshire a lyrical history of Englands greatest county

Archaeologist Professor Richard Morris digs deeply into the history of Yorkshire, exploring its caves and subterranean passageways as well as its cities, churches, hills, coasts and waterways that turned inland towns into virtual seaports.  Memorable characters in the 1500-year plus saga range from Robin Hood and the aviator Amy Johnson to rebellious nobles who almost toppled the Tudors.

 Convicted landmark cases in British criminal history

An examination of real criminal cases that have tested the legality and admissibility of crime-fighting methods such as entomology, ballistics and forensic sciences as they pass through the legal system.The book demonstrates how crime has influenced  present-day policing methods..

How democracies die

A readable but thorough look at democratic breakdowns in societies around the world with incidents from these compared with current developments in the United States. The authors reach some disturbing conclusions. Warning signs are tracked but the authors don't lay all the blame on the presidency for the problems with democracy but say he's a symptom of a broader malaise.Washington Post review

The sober diaries how one woman stopped drinking and started living

This is the story of a parent in her first year of not drinking after realising she couldn't get through the day without wine. It's also about how in the middle of this she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two years later and she doesn't plan to ever drink alcohol again - the benefits are many - she has lost weight, sleeps better and has clearer eyes and skin.

5 minute parenting fixes quick tips and advice for the everyday challenges of raising children

Easy to read with practical tips for everyday dilemmas such as limiting screen time, sleepovers, cyber bullying and the appropriate age to get a mobile phone.

Animal magic the extraordinary proof of our pets intuition and unconditional love for us

The author is a medium who recounts experiences people have had with animals such as knowing when their owners are coming home, saving their owner's lives and making their presence known even after death.